How to Clean & Maintain your E-Cigarette

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your e-cigarette will help maximise its lifespan, performance and save you money. Electronic cigarette devices are just like any other device you might use in your daily life. The more you use them, they inevitably become cluttered with residue. Keeping your e-cigarette clean can ensure that your vapour production is efficient, it can prevent your e-liquid from tasting stale and improve your batteries lifespan.

If you carry your e-cigarette in your pocket or handbag consider putting it in a carrying case. Sometimes clogs can be caused by pocket lint or fluff entering the device. Clean and maintain all parts of your electronic cigarette weekly to ensure a longer life and optimum performance.

How to Clean the Battery

The battery should be cleaned periodically depending on how often you use the device. Wet terminal connections can cause your battery to die very quickly. To gain best results, clean the battery once a week. Cleaning the battery is a very simple procedure. Dirt and residue often accumulate where the battery and the clearomizer conjoin, the contact area. All you need to do is clean the main contact area. This area of the battery generally gets a build up of e-liquid residue. You can clean this area with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or soapy water. After a good clean, you’ll notice that the performance of your device has significantly improved.

To preserve the charging capacity and lifespan of your battery, good practice is to charge the battery before it’s fully drained. This can help to lengthen the number of charges the battery will take. If you regularly clean and charge the battery properly, it can last for up to 300 charges.

Battery Care

1. Regularly clean and maintain your battery.
2. Keep it protected, in a case.
3. Use the correct charger.
4. Keep it charged and don’t drain it completely before re-charging.
5. Keep it in a cool dry place.
6. Remove the clearomizer after use.

Do not store the battery in a hot or humid environment. Do not drop or puncture the battery. Do not force battery connection to other attachments.
Always keep batteries dry and away from moisture. Do not dismantle or expose the battery compartment-this will result in malfunction. If the indicator light displays ON continuously or product becomes hot- immediately disconnect the battery from the clearomizer to break the electric connection.

How to Clean the Charger

Cleaning the eGo USB charger the same way that you cleaned the battery is also good practice. Use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean the contact area where the battery and charger conjoin. If the charger does not turn red when a flat battery is attached to it, then it’s a good indication that you need a new charger.

How to Clean the Clearomizer

Almost every clearomizer on the market these days has replaceable coils. We recommend changing coils once a week.
You will know when to change your coil as your device will stop producing vapour and you will notice a lack of flavour from your e-juice.
To clean the clearomizer, simply take it apart and use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or soapy water to wipe away any excess e-liquid residue, rinse with water, leave to dry and then re-use.

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