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How to Maximise the Life Of Your Battery

Give your battery an initial charge. Lithium ion batteries and can not be overcharged. So, a good initial charge can condition the battery and can help ensure a longer life.

Always store your batteries in a cool, dark place, especially if storing for a long time. If you do plan to store your battery for a long period of time, try to make sure it has at least a 40% charge. This will allow for some discharge while ensuring enough power is retained to keep the protection circuit alive.

Use your batteries regularly as most batteries are designed to be used daily.

Charge your battery before it is fully drained.

Turn your battery off when not in use.

Keep your battery out of direct sunlight and high temperature conditions such as in your car on a hot day.

Keep your battery protected. Use a case to keep your battery safe. Batteries can get banged around and pick up fluff, dirt and grime. For the best possible care, carry your battery in a case.

If you’re playing with your kids, remember to take your device out of your pocket and store somewhere safe.

Only charge a battery with the charger that was provided with the battery. While chargers may look similar, the voltage output can be different.

Don’t charge your battery over night or when you are out of the house.

Always charge your battery on a non-combustible surface.

Clean the battery terminals regularly. A cotton bud or tissue can be used when cleaning is required. For an effective clean, use a cotton bud soaked in rubbing alcohol to clean the terminal. Make sure you leave it to dry before use.

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