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Quitting Smoking with Vapour

Every day people across the world are tossing away their cigarette packets and making the switch to vaping. The vape revolution is growing!
Throughout history people have done two things, drink alcohol and smoke. For decades smoking was extremely common and accepted.
Nowadays smokers understand the safety or health risks caused by smoking. In the past you had very few options to quit, either you have the will power to go cold turkey, or you could use nicotine gum or a nicotine patch.

The technology of vaping allows us to replicate the same experience smokers crave.

For some people making the switch to e-cigarettes can be difficult; changing any habit in life requires motivation and perseverance. The road to quitting smoking is never easy.
We have come up with a few tips on how to help you start your venture to a smoke free life.

You need to commit to quitting smoking. Change will start with a decision. A decision to make a change and a committing to that course of action. Simply buying an e-cigarette starter kit won’t be enough, you must make a commitment that you will quit smoking. You will feel great when you can tell others that you are cigarette free.

You need to recondition yourself to breaking the habit. Practice makes perfect! Instead of reaching for your cigarettes, grab your e-cigarette.

Use your e-cigarette as much as you like when you are first starting out. Try to train your urge to smoke towards your e-cigarette. Switching to vaping is not a temporary thing, it’s a change in lifestyle, be patient.

Using an e-cigarette and vaping in general may seem tedious at first, but don`t worry you`ll get used to it. Take the time to learn and understand how to properly use and maintain your e-cigarette.

There are hundreds of videos and tutorials to be found online which will teach you all of the the ins and outs of vaping. You are not alone.

Make sure you invest in the right product, invest in high quality hardware and premium e-liquid.

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