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  • Artistry Extracts - Citrus Malibu Cream

Artistry Extracts – Citrus Malibu Cream

A refreshing and truly exotic blend of cream, luxurious shredded coconut and a sun-kissed twist of citrus flavours.

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Product Description

A taste of sunshine with every vape. A refreshing and truly exotic blend of cream, luxurious shredded coconut and the sun-kissed twist of citrus. You’re going to feel like you’re chilling out on a beach every time you go back for a vape of Citrus Malibu Cream! Satisfaction and a big, juicy flavour is what you can expect from this superb creation.

The robust citrus overtones are sweetened by coconut and cream undertones, creating a balanced flavour that’s nothing short of divine! The perfect balance of sweet citrus fruits and fresh shredded coconut layered with a decadent cream base make this premium e-juice an absolute delight. A refreshing summery flavour and a must have for citrus lovers.

  • Double Strength Flavour
  • 0mg (Nicotine Free)



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  • Vegetable Glycerin USP
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10ml, 30ml, 60ml

2 reviews for "Artistry Extracts – Citrus Malibu Cream"

  1. 5 out of 5


    Deliscious!! The citrus comes through perfectly in this juice. It’s so tasty that it makes you want to keep vaping just to get even more out of the flavour, but the strength of flavour is actually perfect-it just makes you want more and more because it’s so yum!
    I haven’t left this steep as long as I should before tasting but I couldn’t resist so no doubt as this matures a little more the coconut will come through more. It’s there now but not as much as I imagine it will be.
    I’ll do a follow up after a week or so but honestly, this juice is so damned tasty as it is I hope there will be enough left in a week or so!:)
    Give this a try and see if you love it as much as I do. This is definitely an ADV for me! I’m so glad I bought 2 bottles of it;)

  2. 5 out of 5


    Just an update to my initial review (above. This juice is THE BEST juice both my husband and myself have tasted!! I steeped it for 2 weeks in total and the depth of flavours was totally deliscious!
    The coconut was there but remained subtly in the background. Just enough that you could taste it but it allowed the citrus to be the star of the juice, and wow! What a star it is!
    This time I’m back for 4 30 ml bottles. My only complaint is that I wish they made it up into bigger bottles than 30mls max! :/
    I can’t wait to receive them and get the steeping over with as I know that as soon as it is ready I’ll be vaping this and this juice alone as nothing else comes close to it, and I’ve got quite a large selection of juices!
    I definitely am glad I decided to try Citrus Malibu Cream out last time as it’s turned out to be our ADV / ANV, the trouble is everything tastes bland after having vaped this, the King of e-juices!! 😉
    Buy some please and you will see/taste what I’m so excited about:)

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