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Temperature Control Vaping

Nowadays there are tons of devices with Temperature control features, so what is Temp control?

Temperature control is the latest feature applied to vaping devices in 2015 and more and more people seem to want it.
For years, people have been vaping using coils made from Kanthal wire, while using volts, watts, and ohms to fine tune everything to their own personal preference for flavour and vapour production. So why move to temperature control? Temperature control is not a new fad that vape companies have manufactured out of thin air in order to garner more sales. For years, adjusting volts and watts was the only way to achieve a temperature, we simply had no way of measuring a way to recognize what we were doing. Now with Temperature Control, we are able to.

Temperature control is a technology that limits the temperature the coil is allowed to heat up to. Mods using this technology do not sense the actual temperature of the coil but instead rely on the change in resistance as the coil is heated. When a specific resistance change is determined, the device will adjust, restrict, or cut-off the power to the coil.

Coils intended for use with temperature control devices are quite different from the standard coils made from Kanthal or Ni-Chrome. Temperature controlled coils typically have more wraps. It is quite common for a coil made from Ni-200 to use double or even triple the amount of wraps than a coil of the same resistance made from Kanthal or Ni-Chrome. The Temp control coil builds up heat quickly and requires the additional wraps to “slow it down”. For this reason there is even spacing between the wraps of a Temp control coil.

The great thing about Temperature Control is that you have far better control of your vaping experience. The ability to adjust and precisely control the temperature of your vape does more than make it safer. By adjusting the temperature, you have much more control over the flavour than you would with a Kanthal build. By dialing in the temperature you can fine tune your vape to find your exact sweet spot, bringing the flavours out of your e-liquid that you may never have tasted before.

Another great thing about Temperature Control is that you no longer get dry hits or burnt cotton. With Temperature Control, when you stop getting vapour is when you are alerted that you need to refill your tank or wait for your wick to get saturated again. This is due to how Temperature Control devices regulate the temp of the coil. A dry wick creates a huge spike in the temperature of the coil, which causes the device to stop firing. Saving your throat from a dry hit and the wick from drying out.

If you prefer a hot vape and clouds over flavour and consistency, then you will more than likely be disappointed with Temperature Control. Temperature Control does produce a cooler vape and less clouds.

More and more temperature controlled devices are being released every week, prices are being driven lower and availability is rapidly increasing. It seems advances in the technology are developing almost as rapidly. Now is a very exciting time to watch Temperature Control vaping technology grow, and blossom.

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